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Nature is Our Teacher

Seasons of Our Lives

Welcome to

Month Seven

Braiding Sweetgrass Chapter 25 Witness to the Rain - Robin Wall Kimmerer
Season of Spring, Circle of Life: The Heart's Journey Through the Seasons by Joyce Rupp & Macrina Weiderkehr
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Vivaldi’s Four Seasons
Concerto No. 1 in E major, Op. 8, RV 269, "Spring" (Part 1, with beautiful images) (Full spring version, exceptional

Vivaldi's Four Seasons: Spring Analysis
Murmur: sweetly as they flow. '' Vivaldi's Four Seasons begins with Spring, a season that announces new beginnings. Written in a major key, Vivaldi shows the promising nature of spring as the violins replicate birds chirping and calling for mates.

George Winston – Winter into Spring (2.48)

I Can See Cleary Now, Johnny Nash

Seasons of My Heart - Johnny Cash

Sense Gratitude - Michael Kearney
Blessings & Psalms

Below are some suggested ideas to celebrate the Season of Spring.  Feel free to add your own.


  •  Leave the windows open to catch a spring breeze

  •  Listen to the rain

  •  Craft a fairy garden

  •  Get dirt under your fingernails

  •  Seek out the first crocuses, snowdrops, and other spring flowers

  •  Get ready to plant a garden

  •  Enjoy something with rhubarb

  •  Eat some roasted asparagus

  •  Seek out a rainbow

  •  Visit a farm to see baby animals

  •  Watch bumblebees at work in the new blossoms

  •  Wade in a creek

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