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Month Six

Month Six Documents
Online Teachings
Resources for Required Reading
Optional Resources
  • Global Dream Initiative: About Dream Tending 

  • Deb Powers: “9 Important Terms to Understand the Meaning of Dreams” 

  • Ariel Hudnall: On Jungian Archetypes – The Creator

  • Psychology Today: Searching for Hope on the Dark Side: The Destroyer


  • Candlelit Tales Podcast Episode 4: The Curse of Macha 


  • Insights at the Edge Podcast: Dream Tending. Interview between

       Tami Simon and Stephen Aizenstat 

  • Interview between Bonnie Bright and Stephen Aizenstat from the Earth, Climate, Dreams Symposium, 2017.  

David Blum: Interview with the Wise Old Dog
Online Resources 

  • Chris Johnstone & Joanna Macy offer free online training on “how to strengthen your ability to make a difference in the world” with particular reference to the climate crisis.

Month 7 Advance Materials
Month 6 Webinar
Webinar Power Points

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