Oct 30

Exploring the (hidden)costs to families of home-based hospice care



“Hospice has catapulted from a sector led by nonprofits and volunteers to one dominated by investor-owned companies.

In the process, hospice has ballooned into a nearly $19 billion industry. It's now the most profitable service sector in health care, as the industry’s business model relies heavily on unpaid family caregivers.”



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  • Most articles on caregiving refer to the "loved one", but of course, it is not always the case that there is a warm/respectful/positive relationship between the caregiver and the dying person. Sometimes the caregiver has experienced abuse or encountered very difficult situations for years in the marriage. I wonder about resources to help caregivers in these types of situations. Thanks.
  • I recently saw the Chinese film The Farewell , in which the grandmother is given 3 months to live. Traditionally, Chinese family members not to tell the person they are dying in order to save them the burden of worry. So that everyone can come together in this family, it is decided that a young grandson will marry a woman he has only briefly known, to protect the grandmother from facing her illness, while allowing her to see everyone before she dies. Well done.
  • https://www.tvo.org/video/a-place-for-children-to-die-peacefully?fbclid=IwAR3Y6robuCddKCGUm4gVBe_r_po9BiNXzBvHBNYgRKQWyDrHHriq3cUv-hw#

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