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The term Anamcara, from the Celtic tradition, means soul friendship.  This tradition seeks to deepen our relationship with ourselves, others, our natural world, and the Great Mystery.  Our times call for the re-emergence of such wisdom.  We offer a two-year apprenticeship: Becoming Anamcara, inviting persons from all backgrounds, life circumstances, or any spiritual path to grow together in the “art, science, and practice of sacred relationship.”
The wisdom of the Celtic Spiritual Tradition is that it is ever ancient, ever new…
                                                                                                   Dolores Whelan
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The Anamcara Tradition, rooted in ancient Celtic Spirituality, shares wisdom in common with all of the world’s great spiritual traditions.  Its teachings and practices are meant to be understood as well as experienced.  A central part of Becoming Anamcara is a commitment to some form of daily soulful practice.  It is essential that we establish a deep relationship with self as we seek loving relationships with others.  Becoming Anamcara offers many practices for developing soulful relationships.


“An Anamcara never goes it alone!”  Historically an anamcara was always connected to a community of support which is essential for continuing to learn and grow. The international Anamcara Community is comprised of hundreds of apprentices who have dedicated themselves to studying and applying the wisdom of this tradition.  During the Becoming Anamcara apprenticeship, students engage in regular small group gatherings to deepen the principles and practices of the Anamcara Tradition. These groups are based on the time-tested wisdom of the Circles of Trust, as taught by The Center for Courage & Renewal.


The goal of becoming a soul friend is not just for personal growth; rather, it is to become a servant of sacred relationship. Historically, an anamcara assisted the suffering and dying. Becoming Anamcara offers a foundation in these essential skills. In the second year of apprenticeship, many study tracks offer additional practical skills including: “Soul of Wellness”, “Grief and Loss”, “Spiritual Eldering”, “The Art of Spiritual Discernment”, “The Art of Spiritual Eldering”, “Healing Practices at the End of Life,” and “Living Celtic Mythology.”


In seeking to become a soul friend, we look to Anamcara who have gone before us, or those "who are a few steps ahead of us" in the process.  In Becoming Anamcara, apprentices are mentored by those who coach, challenge, and encourage students as we all grow together in applying the teachings in our everyday lives.  How each apprentice applies what is learned will be different for each, depending on their own gifts and aspirations.

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